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Terry & Peg provide a program that encompasses both the horse and the rider. With over 30 years of impressive performance credits to their name, they continue to share their passion for horses and multiple disciplines with all who come to Evergreen. When I came to Evergreen, I was in search of a horse to move on with. They worked with me to find a horse that would fit my goals, my personality and my abilities. In the years since, I have kept my gelding in their program and we have grown together to become a strong team. What I love about working with Terry & Peg is that they coach and develop the team. Many programs will focus on either the horse or the rider, but at Evergreen there is an equal focus. They work to understand your goals whether it be to hit the trail or excel in the show pen, and then they work hard to get you there. Their approaches with your equine partner give you a well balanced, exceptional mount, enhancing their talents and addressing their challenges in a manner that you and your horse will grow with. They also work with you as your horse progresses. I have become a much better rider in my years with Evergreen and have realized more with my gelding than I ever set out to. Terry & Peg offer diversity in disciplines and help their clients excel in whatever they choose to pursue. My son is now working with them as well with a goal of competing in the coming year. Evergreen is a wonderful place for the beginner and experienced alike. Children and mature riders are taken under their wing and given a rich and rewarding learning environment, with lots of fun thrown in!!

Lita Miller

Harriet Thomas

My name is Harriet Thomas and I have been with Evergreen Farm since Dec. 1987. I started taking riding lessons from Terry that month and bought my first horse; a five year old quarter horse mare in May of 1988. I bought the horse strictly for trail riding and planned on doing nothing else with her and certainly had no plans for myself to ever go into a show pen.

But being at Evergreen Farm has a tendency to change your plans and outlook on things. By 1990 Lucky Lucy Bee was a horse known around many of the local open shows carrying Peg, Terry and their daughter, Diane in all sorts of classes including jumping. Myself, I was still content to trail ride. However the late 90's and now the 2000's have found me riding two daughters out of this old mare and yes now I too have to say I have entered many classes with these two horses from western pleasure, trail to reining and now I have dabbled in the virtual western dressage classes.

I have had many years at Evergreen Farm, many experiences and many stories to tell. Some stories are happy ones; some sad, some even hair raising, but through all of them Peg & Terry were and still are always there.

-Harriet Thomas

Kim Hubbard

Evergreen Farm is the only place I want to train. Terry and Peg Helder teach all riding disciplines, but specialize in Dressage, Reining and Ranch Horse.

I have been a student since 2009 and have learned so much from them. They customize their lesson programs specifically to each individual rider, taking into account their goals and helping them gain confidence to do what they thought they could not do.

As their student in 2015 my horse Hobbys Goin For Gold was Reserve High point on the American Paint Horse Association's Honor Roll in the PAC program's Dressage Category!

I wouldn't take"Eddie"anywhere but to Terry and Peg Helder. They are the best!!!

-Kim Hubbard


I first came to Evergreen Farm in 1998 with my 2 year old Paint Me Hobby mare Brandy. As a novice horse owner and rider I had a lot to learn. Terry worked wonders with Brandy but I required a lot of instruction. Terry and Peg took me into their capable hands and I finally was able to accomplish my goal of riding my own horse. The farm experience changed my life! I made a lot of new friends and experienced laughter, fun and many happy times with my horse. (You see at Evergreen farm you are treated like family). I now have a gelding by Smart Play "Playin It Fancy" who lives at the farm. I showed him for several seasons in western pleasure classes. He received a PAC Certificate Of Recognition in Western Pleasure, English pleasure and Equitation. I am grateful for the fellowship and expert training that my horse and I have received.

Kathy Strevig 2016


Before I was a client of Evergreen Farm, I knew Terry and Peg Helder because of the many, fantastic horses they brought to the open horse shows held over the years at the Columbia Riding Club. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, I saw them as breeders of talented horses, excellent trainers, impressive competitors and supportive coaches of both youth and adults. They showed every discipline - hunt seat, western pleasure, equitation, horsemanship, gaming, driving and over fences - and consistently excelled.

In 2002, I bought my own Paint Me Hobby gelding, Bee Boppin Hobby, a yearling that my son James and I planned to share. Six months later, I stopped by Evergreen Farm, and learned quite by chance that there was a five year old gelding for sale. "Do you think he'd be something that I'd like," I asked Terry. "You sure would!" was his reply. Unfortunately, someone else was scheduled to try him out that afternoon, so Terry, Peg and I waited very impatiently while the prospective buyer rode this lovely chestnut horse quite badly. She said that she'd "think about him" and left. I was riding him before she was out the driveway and by the end of the day, Chippa Hobby was mine.

With Terry and Peg's help, Chipper and I have had a fantastic time together. Whether it was hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, western horsemanship, trail, reining, ranch horse pleasure or dressage, Terry and Peg have helped me and this amazing horse achieve so much success. We have earned countless ribbons, hundreds of PAC points, many championships and a lifetime of wonderful memories. Their breeding and training program made Chipper an honest horse who tries his heart out to do what his rider asks. Their teaching and coaching have helped me become a better rider who could ask for the best that Chippa Hobby has to offer. Chipper will turn 19 this May, but he is still going strong and we will continue to pursue success in the Western Dressage arena.

It is difficult for me to imagine that my life with horses would be as rich as it is without the contributions of Peg and Terry Helder. They are unique in their ability not only to train horses, but also to guide and instruct riders. They excel in matching horse and rider, never an easy feat. They set appropriate expectations for both horses and riders so that the challenges bring out the best in both, while never over-facing either. Finally, this highly developed professionalism is carried out in an atmosphere characterized by warmth, laughter, friendship and fun. What more could you ask for!

Mary Glazier


I have been riding at Evergreen Farm since I was 8 years old. Peg and Terry Helder have taught me everything from posting trot to competing in barrel racing and pole bending. Eight years later, they have trained four horses for my family and have traveled to countless rodeos and horse shows to offer their guidance and support. These are amazing people that raise and train amazing horses!!

Karina Evans


I started riding at Evergreen farm when I was six years old. I got my first horse, Walking In Hobbys Bootz (Sassy) right after I started riding. I did western and English pleasure until I was seven years old. After that I began jumping. After jumping for three years I got my second horse, No Trashin My Hobby (Sadie) and started the Central Pennsylvania Youth Rodeo Association. Thanks to Peg and Terry Helder I have competed in barrel racing, pole bending and goat tying for four years. I have also successfully made it to the rodeo finals two times so far and won a saddle Cover, belt buckle, two jackets, a nose band, ribbons, and trophies. Without Peg and Terry I would not be as successful with my horses as I am today

Krystine Evans

Coleen Hershey

Evergreen Farm has been my home away from home for over 10 years now. Peg and Terry have changed my life for the better. With their guidance, Hobbys Back In Black and I have become a team that has won more than $35,000 so far in our career. Hobbys Back In Black has become an All-American Quarter Horse Congress Champion and Reserve Champion, has won 5 Top Ten medals as well as becoming a two-time AQHA World Show Qualifier, AQHA World Show Top Ten, and AQHA World Show Finalist. I would not be the horsewoman I am today without their expertise and great friendship. I hope to continue to make them proud as "Jazz" and I add more accomplishments to our resume.

-Colleen Hershey

Kim Zeamer

Terry and Peg have been working with me since I was 10 years old, and I cannot say enough about their expertise, professionalism and how they care about their clients and horses. Their client's goals become their own, and they always strive to bring the best out in both horse and rider. I owe all of my accomplishments to not only the wonderful horses they have always matched me up with, but to their drive and dedication to have me succeed in whatever goal I am trying to accomplish. I will always be grateful to them for all of their time and guidance!

-Kim Zeamer



I have known Terry and Peg since 1988. I worked for them when I was 14 then again in 1995. As a kid I always wished I could own one of the "famous Hobby Horses". In 1996 I acquired my first Hobby, "Double Dippin Hobby".As a 2 year old Terry broke him, he was such a good boy, Terry rode him off the first day.

In 1998, I bought another Hobby to breed and raise babies, Terry bought her back in 2003 during my 9 year maternity leave from the farm( as Peg calls it- LOL). I always kept in touch. In 2008 I went back to work at the farm and riding again on a regular basis. Even though the work was hard we always laughed, goofed around and had a good time! In 2009 I bought "Flirtins My Hobby", this is still the mare I have today. These horses have all been the best, Terry and Peg's program of breeding and training is like no other in my eyes. Terry can watch a horse move and watch its character and has the ability match horses and people perfectly. Peg can help riders learn their tests and have fun while doing so. I have taken all of my horsey friends to the farm for horses and lessons because their farm is the best there is for quality horses and quality friendships with Terry and Peg is well...

Love You Guys, Beth Kline


In 1990 I took my first western riding lesson at Evergreen Farm on their then 6 year old stallion Paint Me Hobby. I had ridden english all my life, jumped and fox hunted. I had never met a stallion that could be used for lessons before and my first hurdle was learning to trust him enough to let him go on a loose rein...then came roll backs and spins and playing with cows - he just seemed to be able to do everything!

In 1993 I bought a yearling by "Doc", Just Enough Hobby. Terry trained him for us. Justin was my first show horse, he was ridden by my daughter and my husband for fun. Later he was my lesson horse and then went on to be a teenager's show horse placing in APHA's PAC program (then OCAP) Honor Roll Top 10 in the English Pleasure and Jumping Division. Then he was my trail horse for awhile until an elderly friend needed a safe trail horse. When she could no longer ride he came home again but was the kind of horse who wanted a job. His last job was as a therapeutic riding horse and he was simply amazing at it! He lived to be 21 years old and touched so many lives.

One very fond memory was getting to jump Z Spotless Hobby in 3 ft jumping courses. He was owned by Judy Peters. At one show Judy and I had to ask how to handle a conflict between reining, pleasure and jumping. The ring steward replied, "That's not an issue. Nobody is going to jump and rein and pleasure the same horse." We just smiled and raised our hands. (If we had mentioned her horse also ran barrels and poles, I think his head may have exploded).

After years of dealing with some health problems and a bad knee I recently started a new chapter... Paint Me Hobby will be 32 this spring and I was in the same arena learning western dressage on his amazing son "Chase". Terry also let me ride a 2 year old daughter of his "Chasin Ducks" owned by Mary Glazier, the most incredible filly, who just seems to float around the ring. It was a very good day!

Liz Sulzberger


It started out as a joke. When Terry Ressler and the Helders hosted a combined banquet every year, they got the idea to have a raffle, the winner of which would get a free lesson. One person from the Evergreen stable would get a lesson from Terry Ressler and one person from the Ressler barn would get a lesson at Evergreen. Pete Peters won the prize for a lesson with Terry Ressler and, amazingly, I won a lesson with Peg Helder.

I didn't know it then, but they had taped our names to the inside of the drum. The raffle was fixed!

So on my birthday, I traveled across the river to Evergreen Farm and took my first lesson from Peg, on the wonderful Z Spotless Hobby (see, Hall of Fame). There was a lot of kidding and fun, especially about my lack of ability as a rider. But, honestly, Peg gave me a fantastic lesson. After that I was taking annual lessons (isn't that enough?). There was a lot of kidding about that, too. Eventually I stepped up my game to quarterly, and even more frequent lessons. And you know what? I learned a lot. I learned to do rollbacks (no U-turns, Peg would say). I learned to make the horse stop by centering my weight. I learned to spin, sort of. I did reining patterns. Eventually I started lessons on my wonderful horse, Bee Boppin Hobby.

Now let me say a word about Bee Boppin Hobby. He was a perfect horse for me. I miss him a lot. I think I could have balanced a book on my head while sitting his smooth jog.

As wonderful as Peg and Terry are at helping national and world class riders, they have been equally good at helping riders like me, riders who just want to enjoy their horse. Peg and Terry are the best!

Penn Glazier


When I first met Peggy and Terry Helder I had no idea how much of an impact they would have on my life, not only with the horses but in valuable life lessons as well. We have had four Evergreen Farm horses from Peggy and Terry Helder, each horse different from the next. When I first started showing I never thought I would begin having a lifelong obsession with bling and competitiveness. Peg and Terry are the most well-rounded and honest, accomplished, hardworking and down-to-earth horse trainers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They have taught me much over the years and I am amazed how I still learn from them on a daily basis. Along with the many skills they taught me I have learned how to quietly and discreetly spit out my gum while in the show ring. Peg can see if I'm using too much hand from her bathroom window. And, it's all about the food.

In all seriousness I would not be where I am today without the guidance, assistance, and watchful eyes of Peggy and Terry Helder. While hard work and dedication are necessary for greatness, having fun and an unbreakable relationship with your trainer are required as well. They have given and taught me more than they will ever know, and for that I can't thank them enough. Once you become part of Evergreen Farm you are always a part of the Helder family. I have made many friendships on the farm that will last a lifetime. Peg and Terry have become like my second parents. They have always been there for me whether I have a horse question, or need a shoulder to cry on with tears of happiness or tears of frustration. They have been with me every step of the way. They have told me things that were hard to say and even harder for me to hear, but needed to be said none the less. I love you both from the bottom of my heart and want to thank you for letting me call Evergreen Farm my second home.

Love, Kelsey Brindle


Most little girls want horses. Ours did! It was Terry and Peg Helder who gave direction and gentle instruction to our then 10 and 12 year olds. Both Terry and Peg taught our girls, laughed with them, and were interested in their lives, making lasting input! Our first purchase from Evergreen Farm, a handsome gelding by Paint Me Hobby, became the starting point. Over the years, their breeding program provided many valuable, nice-minded and athletic horses for our family. Terry and Peg's instruction insisted on safety and horsemanship through western pleasure for both girls, before our older daughter was off and running in the gaming events! Their versatility in adapting to teach any age rider allowed Nelson to learn and compete alongside his daughter. We have fond memories and thankful hearts for all of the weekend barrel shows Peg was so dedicated to for the both of them! Then came the season of Terry and Peg encouraging Nelson and I to try reining! Thanks to the wonderfully seasoned first horse mentioned above, I was able, as a beginning rider, to be carried safely around. Their horses and help have allowed Nelson and I to enjoy this new discipline together. One of the many reasons for this couple's success is their ability to read the industry and to respond to its needs. Thus, they have given much time and energy to beginning a ranch/trail riding series. And this will be our next adventure with Terry and Peg ... Thank you, friends and coaches, for who you've been to us and all you've taught us!!

Nelson and Kim Shertzer


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